Three acoustic singer songwriters for your Monday

Jason Piquette – “Fill”
-The layers of acoustic guitar on this track are absolutely fantastic. I don’t often use the phrase “ear candy,” but this song really feels like that. It’s so rich and rewarding. I appreciate that the song dwells in the lyric of love surrounding. That’s such a hopeful, beautiful image. This is a bright light in the midst of a sometimes-bleak feeling time. We need this one.

Harley Eblen – “I see you”
-There’s an energy to this track that puts a smile on my face right away. Eblen’s articulate songwriting style is immediately appealing. The acoustic guitar is in perfect balance with a rich baritone vocal. By the time the delicate piano enters the track, I’m already filled with joy. The song is about empathy, really. It’s about being human and making a point of loving and connecting with others. This is an important message with some exquisite musical production.

Kris Angelis – “Meet you in our dreams”
-I don’t even know what genre to call Kris Angelis, but it’s safe to call it really flippin good. Angelis has one of those rare voices that transcends genre and style; it’s just an unqualified beautiful voice. I appreciate the throwback pop energy of the track, but it’s also got this little folk vibe to it that makes it connect for me as well. I guess we’ll call it pop folk and sway along with this one. I love the dreamy lyric, too. There are sometimes situations in life that just can’t… happen… in reality. You know? Anyways, this song taps into some of that mysterious and hopeful energy.

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