Three indie pop artists to end your week on a good — “note”

Shawn Mathews – “Sunshine”
-This track is a whole groove, I’ll be honest. It’ll make you pick up your head and carry on no matter what you’re carrying. It’s rooted in moving forward with a potential relationship, but there’s an evident air of “new beginnings” here. For some of us going through a time of year with not much sunshine and a lot of “dark clouds” (not entirely metaphorically), this vibey new track is a welcome pick-me-up. Throw this on your playlist for a boost now and (hopefully) it will be even more relatable in a few months.

The Neighborhood Watch – “20 year dream”
-This chilled out indie pop track is probably not what you’re expecting. It has shades of classic soul music and an earnest, meaningful lyrical style. Something about the stylistic mix, though, once the horns hit and the vocal takes off, feels like opening a pandora’s box. I admire the dynamics, the movement, and the optimistic lyrical vibe. This is a remarkable little track and I hope it gets the attention it deserves from the broader music industry.

Morningbird – “That’s alright”
-I’m no longer able to be an “impartial music reviewer” with Morningbird. I have become a fan. I can’t help myself. I love the way these guys make music. I’m sure I’ve compared them to pretty much every poppy folk rock band I could think of, so let me just say that the harmonies on this song feel so incredibly good. I appreciate (and NEED) the optimism in the track. It’s got a whole mood that captures early 2021 for me perfectly. I hope you dig it too.

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