Three captivating brand new tracks that prove they do still make music “like they used to”

Sam Rappaport – “Til the morning comes”
-I’m an absolute sucker for a good bluesy piano and this track has it in spades. I love the expressive melodic style throughout the track. I like the way the standup bass gives it that extra layer of jazzy structure as well. The heartfelt lyrics, knowing that the relationship is coming to a close, permeates the track from start to finish. But, more than anything, I just really like the piano playing. It feels like home.

George Pelham – “If we say goodbye (acoustic)”
-“How could I be with you if we say goodbye?” There’s a real sense of “coming to grips with reality” in this track. The melodic pattern reminds me a lot of Otis Redding’s classic “Sittin on the dock of the bay.” Pelham’s work occupies that same sort of pop soul energy. The sincerity in the lyrics that are about a breakup are sure to hit some people in a deeply emotional way. It’s definitely a heartfelt and meaningful song.

Guy Bennett – “Turn down the voices”
-The chilled out, soulful beat on this track definitely hits like an old classic. There’s a retro soul character throughout the track. It feels both new and like you have that one crazy uncle who totally has a dusty copy of this on vinyl somewhere. I can’t help but think of the word “funky” on this, even though it’s mostly just cool soul. It’s also got a fascinating little message about mental health if you take some time to focus on the lyrics. I dig it.

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