Three indie folk tracks to awaken the soul

Ocie Elliott – “Slow tide”
-The relaxing energy of the track is the perfect balance of tension and calm. The piano is the soul of this track, with a gentle style to it. The combination comes together for an indie folk style that we don’t often hear. It’s the kind of track you can put on in the background, maybe a coffeeshop playlist, and enjoy every time.

Lawson Hull and Lily Kershaw – “Paint”
-There’s a relaxing pop energy to this track that will win over a lot of fans. It’s amazing how it has a moving pop beat, yet still brings a calm to the listener. I appreciate how the easy going pop rock energy feels distinctively modern, yet there are some shades of classic folk music through the track (especially the harmonies). Fans of modern indie folk music are going to enjoy this one a great deal.

Daphne Browdy – “Bookend”
-The production style of this track from Daphne Browdy is really intriguing. The vocal almost feels like it’s outside of the track (in the best way). I don’t understand how this was mixed, but I definitely appreciate the intimacy that it cultivates. It’s like being inside of someone’s diary entry. It’s beautiful and moving. The vocal is absolutely enchanting.

Image courtesy: Daphne Browdy IG

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