Three captivating singer songwriters for your February playlist

Elizabeth and the Catapult – “together, alone”
-Something about Elizabeth and the Catapult always reminds me of someone that I know personally. It’s a very charming, genuine style that feels familiar. Maybe it’s the piano or the approachable vocal style, but I really enjoy this. There are some real Jackson Browne elements to this track. Give it a spin and you’ll find it relatable, particularly considering the context of the global pandemic.

Our Atlantic Roots – “All the years”
-The relaxing acoustic style of this track is sure to stand out in a crowded folk genre right now. I appreciate the vocals on this one quite a lot as well. Something about the composition feels like the Native Sibling, another folk duo that I quite enjoy. There’s a sweetness to the production of this one that I find quite enjoyable. If you’re looking for something gentle and endearing for your coffeeshop playlist, give this one an add.

SYML – “Stay Close”
-I’m curating a playlist for myself this year with a focus on chill vibes. I added this track (get it!). I appreciate the way this song hits this chill vibe without feeling cheesy like so many electro tracks do. There’s an honest sense of melody that drives the track. The vocal hits right in the pocket of the composition, making it a picture perfect indie pop tune. I could listen to the magnetic style of SYML over and over.

Image courtesy: Our Atlantic Roots IG

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