Three thoughtful acoustic folk songs for a contemplative time

Brother James – “Every day with you”
-I’m a big fan of this melody. I can’t quite explain what it is that feels right about it, but it just does. There’s an accessible Randy Newman style to it that is quite charming. Beyond that, the evident “heart” of the song is there in the vocal as well as the guitar. It’s a difficult to task to so beautifully meld together the spirit of the song with the message in this way. This would be a good one to play at a wedding.

Frances Luke Accord – “Dust to dust”
-The acoustic energy of this track is infectious. Accord’s subtle energy allows the song to truly resonate. It doesn’t overpower, but it certainly pulls the listener in. I appreciate how the guitar feels like a separate voice in the composition. These are the kind of lyrics that will have you listening more than once just to learn a little bit more. The complexity reminds me a bit of Joshua James; this is a gem.

Hunter Metts – “The River”
-The easiest comparison for Hunter Metts is Bon Iver. There’s a haunting, beautiful sincerity in the vocal on this track that absolutely stands out in the folk scene. Metts sings with a depth and genuineness that soars over the track. Even the acoustic guitar is mesmerizing in the best way possible. This is definitely a track for your coffeeshop playlists in 2021.

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