Three new folk songs for your midweek playlist

Alexander Biggs – “I’ve been holding onto you for way too long”
-There’s a fascinating pop folk spirit to this song. It’s a bit blues spirit when it comes to theme, but the sonic composition is definitely more in the pop realm. I definitely appreciate the layers of the guitar and piano with a more subtle vocal. The combination is soothing, in a word. It’s a song about moving on… perfect!

Mo Kenney – “Hard on you”
-There’s a lonesome, endearing quality to this recording from Mo Kenney. It reminds me of country music from the “good old days.” I appreciate how the track preserves a sense of love and desire, while also putting out the honest truth. This is such a brilliant capture of the way I was brought up with plaintive honesty. It’s refreshing from a promising and emerging songwriter.

David Paul Zimmer – “Where are you”
-The acoustic guitar takes center stage on this track, setting a solid basis for the contemplative lyrics. The vocal stays mostly understated in the track and it really works well. Fans of artists like David Gray or even Sufjan will find a lot to like in Zimmer’s piece here. The instrumentation help with chill and the lyrics will have you dreaming of that special someone you either are with or want to be with. It’s a good one.

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