Three singer songwriters you’ll want on your playlists all year

Amber Kamminga – “3 AM”
-The production on this track is outstanding. It’s clear that Kamminga has a great voice, which soars throughout the track. The easy going sentiments on the versus work well, but the vocal really shines on the chorus. The heartfelt lyrics are the defining factor of the song. It’s definitely one that will make folks remember past (or current) relationships with a lot of emotion.

Wildie – “Center of the Universe”
-This is such a cool track. I dig the chill beat, the excellent lead vocal, and the overall mood that feels like it could have come right out of the 70s. Something about the track feels like it was destined for a smoke-filled lounge. It not only reminds me of old bands, it reminds me of specific people I’ve known from earlier eras of live. It’s definitely an engaging tune from a band I’ll be looking for in the future.

Vincent Sonder – “Autumn Air”
-It’s not every day that I hear a song that reminds me of so many musical greats. Shades of Elliott Smith, Jim Croche, and John Prine… definitely a mix… but there’s something special with Vincent Sonder’s sound. The phrasing, the carefulness of it all — it’s impressive and I don’t fully know how to explain what I mean. The atmospheric production is good, but this is clearly a man who can captivate an audience with subtle acoustic chords and his poetic lyrics. It’s like listening to an old school bard; this one is special, friends. Don’t let it pass you by.

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