Three remarkable folk singer songwriters for your winter playlist

Brother Ryan – “Broken Love”
-Don’t give up on broken love. What a powerful sentiment. This song is beautiful and has a message that will make its way right into your soul. Brother Ryan’s vocal is well mixed on this track, having just the right amount of resonance to soar over the rest of the track. It’s soothing and dreamy in places, making it the perfect song for this early year time of resolutions, plans, and dreams.

Sam Balson – “Shutters”
-There’s an energy to this track from Sam Balson that puts me in mind of a lot of good Americana to come out in the past few years, namely Jason Isbell. Balson’s lyrical style ebbs and flows with rich thoughtful lines between electric guitar lines that speak for themselves. This is a great tune for fans of that rock-meets-country Americana vibe.

The Gimmick – “She’ll come around”
-I fell in love with this song from the acoustic guitar in the opening… so once the vocal entered the track, I was even more impressed. The chromatic chord change really pulled me in on this one. There’s something mystical feeling about the track, which I appreciate. The dreamy energy of the song is an absolute treat and oh so necessary to get us through the bitter cold of this “bleak midwinter.” The hope of romance is as delightful a bright spot as we could hope for. This is a a lovely song with incredible chords and harmonies.

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