Three indie pop tunes to get you through the end of 2020

Shawn Mathews – “Next to me”
-I like the beginning of the song, but after the beat changes for the pre-chorus the track just hits different. The lyrics are straightforward, which we need more of in this world. Speak directly and say what you what for someone, with someone. “You give me a feeling I like…” and “baby I will treat you right if you let me.” These are direct, meaningful statements. What it lacks in poetic imagery the track makes up in an absolute GROOVE. Spin it and dig it.

scumflower – “Daisy”
-I don’t know the story behind the name of an artist called “scumflower,” but I can assure you this is a very sweet song. It’s about romance between two people. The imagery of a lover being like a flower is really cute, obviously. The understated production style works really well on this one. I’d be interested in hearing a big time studio version of this too, but it’s nice to see that the song holds up in this minimal yet endearing format.

Edith – “Gone from me”
-When you initially click play on this song it commands attention. I think there’s a comparison to be made with a Fleetwood Mac style pop rock here, but Edith’s overall energy deserves its own recognition. The syncopated section on the second verse is really good as well. I am definitely drawn to the high quality production on this track. I’ve been caught singing along with this one more than once!

Image courtesy: Edithfolk IG

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