Three Americana pieces for late December bliss

Leeann Skoda – “Still”
-The acoustic guitar work on this track definitely sets a mood. Once Skoda’s vocal enters the track, I am transported into a sublime place. I really appreciate the tenderness to the song. It might be easy to mention comparisons to great folk singers of the 60s here, but honestly Skoda has her own style worth featuring. Give this song a spin, particularly if you fondly remember the Greenwich Village era of folk music.

King Commoner – “Traveler”
-I was blown away by this song from the very first time I heard it. It’s equal parts rollicking folk and whole bar singalong. The lead vocal cuts through the recording really well. The lyrics are very salt of the earth and engaging. The fiddle and backing vocals help to make the song feel vast. This is definitely not your average Americana tune, but we’re glad to feature it here.

Sarah Gross – “Passenger Seat”
-Sarah Gross has an approachable voice; you’ll feel like you met her once in your life. The lyrics to this song are absolutely adorable. I definitely found myself transported instantly back to a time when I was dating my (now wife of 14 years) “girlfriend.” The background vocals work to highlight Gross’s eloquent and approachable lead. It’s just a lovely love song.

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