Three emerging pop and indie pop artists for your “ones to watch” list

Nataliya Nikitenko – “Oil and water”
-We get a lot of pop singer songwriter submissions and very few even come close to how POWERFUL Nataliay Nikitenko’s vocal is. I don’t throw around a comparison to Adele very often, but Nikitenko certainly has that energy. There’s a definite energy to this track. It’s ultimately about falling out of love, but Nikitenko sings with such an optimistic energy that you can’t help but relate to the new beginning of a breakup. The harmonic composition style her is absolute pop gold. Nataliya Nikitenko should absolutely be a top 40 musician. It’s just a matter of time, honestly.

Aunt Kelly – “Alone again”
-The first time I heard Aunt Kelly’s music, I had to check the calendar. I wasn’t looking for what day it was… I was looking for what YEAR it was. Aunt Kelly performs some of the most magnetic, energetic, fun-loving timeless music that I’ve heard in recent years. It feels good with tons of glowing good vibes. I really like the Postmodern Jukebox feel to the “old made new” composition here. Kelly’s vocals have the chops to hold the song together, too. It’s a single gal’s anthem that’ll put a smile across your face.

Casa Rosa – “Sleeper agent”
-Okay so maybe it’s a stretch to put this track on a “pop” list, but even the way the alt rock energy emerges here feels really comfortable and easy on the ears. The lead vocal is great, the guitars and sexy, and the backup vocals pull it all together. Honestly I think the track defies genre, but that’s what makes it so fascinating. I can’t imagine trying to sing this with so many key changes and complex lyrical turns. That said, the groove… oh my word the groove and the way the steel guitar sets the vibe… I really dig how truly unique this track is.

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