Three new singer songwriters to warm up this chilly time of year

Morly – “Twain Harte”
-I was not expecting the energy of this track when I first listened. Morly’s vocal cuts through the air like a hot knife; the lyrics are complex and expressive. It’s about love, sure, but it’s about this open expression of sincere feeling. We rarely get to feel something so real and genuine in music these days. The angellic “choir” and the organ move it into an almost transcendent spiritual space. This is a powerful track that will demand your focus. Give it.

Night Bus Revival – “Nowhere”
-I don’t know the story behind this artist’s name or the inspiration for the song, but this is the REAL DEAL. Wow. There’s just an energy of seriousness around the composition style that feels really powerful. The gentle, sparing minimal arrangement is exactly what fits for a song like this. The higher pitched harmony genuinely pulls out the textures of the lead vocal. I love the vibrations of the low strings (cello?) on this one. This is captivating in a deeply, moving, artful way.

Trevor Gerard – “Revelry”
-If you’re a fan of pop-influenced bluesy rock a la John Mayer, you’ll find a lot to like about Trevor Gerard. I’m a huge fan of the chord progression and chromatic melodic style of this track. Gerard pulls off the expressive, romantic style of pop blues really well in this track. There’s even a bit of a crack in Gerard’s vocal in a few places that just give it that extra dash of texture and likeability. If I ran a radio station, I’d spin the heck out of this track. This is what indie pop music is all about.

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