Three wonderful new folk singer songwriters

Hejduk – “Into the moon”
-Truthfully, this track really reminded me of Ben Abraham. I am definitely a fan of Hejduk’s vocal style. The combination of the folk guitar work and vocal phrasing makes for a peaceful folk energy. I’ve personally become a bit more interested in the moon cycle this year, so the song struck me on that level as well. It’s a really wonderful sonic experience.

Dawn Coulshed – “Sing for us”
-The calming piano style here helped me take notice of this track, but Coulshed’s vocal really won me over. This reminds me of what I loved when I first found Jennifer Knapp many years ago. There’s a plaintive almost gospel style to this composition and I like it a lot. I grew up in a family of piano players, so I am used to hearing this kind of piano solo work… and in a season of missing “home” and a lot of people who mean a lot to me, this one was… emotional. Thank you for singing for us, Dawn.

Grace Gillespie – “For Nick Drake”
-If you’re looking for intellectual, evocative lyrics, you can’t do much better than this beautiful piece from Grace Gillespie. As the title states, it’s for Nick Drake. It has a thoughtful fingerpicking style on the guitar along with Gillespie’s amazing vocal work. It’s one of those pieces that deserves to find high levels of acclaim; I hope that fans of the Milk Carton Kids and similar artists will give this a shot. It’s really a remarkable piece of writing and an homage to a folk music iconic.

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