Three exceptional neoclassical pieces that stand out from the crowd

Tom Ashbrook – “Solitude II”
-When I hear a neoclassical piece that makes me feel like this, I have to say yes. I don’t even fully understand what Ashbrook’s style does that evokes so much emotion, but it’s delightful. The cinematic mix of the piano seemingly fills the air with more gravitas than other piano solo pieces. I love the jazzy, film score elements of this piece. It makes me think of places I’ve never been, adventures I’ve never taken, and people I’d really, really like to meet. It’s mysterious in the best way.

Simeon Walker – “Seasons”
-This piece is about seasons, ostensibly, but to me it’s a reflection on normalcy. No matter what, year after year, the life cycle of earth continues on. Today there may be snow on the ground, but in a few months that snow will melt and there will be new growth, new life. It’s beautiful. This piece reflects that pattern of constancy; that no matter what we think in our high minded idealism (or cynicism), we can rest in a higher power that has ordered our world. This is, of course, my take. Walker’s use of piano and strings might have an entirely different message, but I find it inspiring and peaceful. I’m delighted to share it with our readers.

Steve Barakatt – “Angel over me”
-This is a lovely piano piece written in a colorful melodic style. Each line seems to roll into the next. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard this song specifically, but it fits neatly into a calming and relaxing piano style. If you’re a fan of dynamics in piano playing and a melody that will lull you to sleep, this is definitely a good one. Maybe that lulling is the peaceful presence of the divine being watching over you…

Image courtesy: Tom Ashbrook IG

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