Three indie rock tracks to liven up your weekend

Yukon Blonde – “YGTT”
-This track has a little bit of funky, a little bit of sass, and a lot of good time. If you’ve ever been infatuated with someone for their looks or their swagger, you’ll enjoy this track. There’s not much for me to analyze here; it’s a groovy, 70s era pop jam with the production chops to earn a spot in your music rotation. Dig it, fam.

High Tropics – “Waterfalls”
-If you’ve been around my rock coverage much in the past decade, you’ll know that I love me some quality, expressive lead vocals. There’s an energy to this track that reminds me of a cross between the 90s alt rock emergence with the 2010s folk revival. The combination does my heart good. The lyrics are a bit sad, but the up tempo energy will have you dancing through your troubles with the band. The chorus is fantastic and has me dreaming of live shows where we can all sing and dance again some day (hopefully soon).

Waker – “Down to the water”
-The acoustic style here might make you think it’s not a true rock tune, but just stick with it. There’s an energy to this one that definitely fits in the ethos of rock n’ roll music. Around the 1 minute mark you’ll hear the rest of the band enter the track, with a good steady drum beat and eloquent electric guitar for effect. This is sort of a mid-70s folk-influenced rock sound that I definitely support. Give it a spin!

Image credit: High Tropics IG

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