Three indie folk songs to prepare you for the weekend

Taylor Nathan – “Devil and the deep blue sea”
-The acoustic singer songwriter style is a quick way to get my attention, but not many artists can keep me intrigued. Nathan’s songwriting prowess echoes the classics while forging its own identity. I am pleasantly surprised by the charming narrative style and straightforward folk fingerpicking. This is a lovely tune that should find steady rotation in your folk list.

Pale Moon – “Stranger”
-This new folk song has a lot of mysterious energy to it. Any time you can add a slide guitar to a song, you probably should. The lead vocal on this track is quite good. The Fleetwood Mac energy on this track is quite enjoyable. Fans of throwback folk rock style music should give this one a spin.

Tomo – “Shiver”
-I don’t know why half step melodies effect me so much, but they just do. This song is sweet, intimate, and interesting. I even enjoy the delicate recording style too. Tomo’s vocal makes you want to listen even more intently. If you’ve ever been blessed enough to love someone who made you feel this way, you’ll want to listen to this song over and over. The subtle harmonies are icing on a very delicious cake here; this is a love song done right.

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