Three emerging indie folk acts for your consideration

Adam Simons – “Strawberry Moon”
-I don’t understand all of the music theory behind why I enjoy this song so much, but I just know that I do. The guitar work sounds good to start with, but then the vocal harmonies are absolutely magical. If we’re going to have big production in country/Americana music, this is the way I’d like it to sound. Adam Simons is quickly finding himself in my “ones to watch” category; this is a joyful singalong song. I’m so glad to have found it.

Simon Alexander – “Riverine”
-The soothing finger picking continues to be a defining feature of Simon Alexander’s excellent folk music. We’ve covered Alexander’s work in the past. It’s easy to hear why “Riverine” stood out for us this time. The vocal style is perfect for the relaxing folk guitar work. The whole composition will have you dreaming of floating down the river in a canoe… or maybe just sitting alongside a beautiful flowing river. This is a gorgeous piece of music.

Elias and the Wizzkids – “Back to rest”
-This orchestral folk tune is quite delightful. We covered this band once in the past, but I found this one equally engaging. Something about the blending of the strings with the overall style reminds me of some of my favorite Tallest Man on Earth music. I appreciate that there is a bit of a counter cultural message here, encouraging the listener to slow down and listen.

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