Three acoustic singer songwriters who will make you sit up and pay attention

Alex Radice – “I need savin'”
-Alex Radice has a compositional style that feels timeless. The energy of the track is as old school folk as possible. The strings reverberate through the track. The quality vocal work, both lead and harmony, move the track from good to great. There’s a gospel (or hymn?) energy to the track that will connect the listener soulfully to a much larger body of music. This is exceptional. Fans of The Oh Hellos should definitely give Alex Radice a spin.

Riley Pearce – “Electricity”
-I couldn’t help but draw a Ryan Adams comparison when I first hear Riley Pearce. There’s a deep, almost gutteral tone to some of the vocal lines here. Yet at the same time the strings and atmospheric work create this wide open space in the middle of the track. You can almost feel like you can walk onto the stage… or in the middle of the band. The use of space in the production here is outstanding. This is a listening experience.

Siights – “A little lonely”
-Wait. For. The. Harmonies. Okay this is a good song, but you need to hang on for the harmonies on this track and you’ll fall in love. The stripped down acoustic style of this track is so intimate, so powerful, it’s almost disarming. By the second verse (I think it is), an additional bass instrument gives depth. The introspective lyrics are good, but it’s the harmonies that win this one over for me.

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