Three new singer songwriters you’ll want on your personal playlists

Alex Dunaway – “Free”
-The time signature is important for this song, giving a nice swaying sensation to the song. Dunaway’s vocal is beautiful, demanding your attention. The relaxing feeling of the song will help you chill, but the lyrics will have you leaning in a bit extra. What does it mean to be free in the web of complex relationships we maintain in our lives? The haunting, plaintive, “I’m alone” is very powerful.

Tyler Jarvis – “In the fall”
-The easy comp for Jarvis is Ben Rector, which I believe is exactly what I wrote on the last track of his I featured. At the end of the day, though, Jarvis deserves credit for doing his own thing. There’s a narrative pop style here that is quite engaging. Fans of classic piano pop like Billy Joel should also give Tyler Jarvis a spin. It’s nice to have a song about the fall that has glowing 80s synths and reflective lyrics about life’s myriad changes with the stability of certain seasons.

Caleb J Murphy – “Not gone”
-The harmonies on this track are absolutely stunning. FULL STOP. The banjo is hypnotic and the lead vocal is good, but the harmonies are absolutely magnificent. There’s a haunting quality to the chord choices here. I love how the macabre of the verses are so gorgeously resolved in the choruses. This is one of the most intriguing folk tunes I’ve heard in all of 2020. I hope the complexity of this piece of music is not lost on listeners; it’s really something special.

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