Three captivating new singer songwriters

Karl Bray – “San Francisco”
-There’s a vintage folk energy to this song that you’ll really appreciate. It’s got a 60s charm that brings that Laurel Canyon sound to the forefront. Bray’s vocal is smooth like he just stepped out of a recording with Peter, Paul, and Mary. The overall energy is perfect for that throwback, relaxing fall vibe with lots of nostalgic colorful hues.

Bree Rusev – “Drift”
-The relaxing energy of Bree Rusev’s composition is really enjoyable. It dances on the border of folk and pop really nicely. I can picture this one being on your favorite coffeeshop playlist. I really like the line “we wait for our souls to take flight.” That’s so much of the essence of life… doing ordinary things until we find that thing that inspires us, our muse, if you will. Rusev is a promising songwriter with a beautiful track. Check it out.

Tall White Oak – “I’ll be washed away”
-This is a timeless track from Tall White Oak. It’s got a poetic core that won me over right away. This is the kind of folk music that makes you wonder if maybe it was a hymn or sacred song once. The peaceful lead vocal is enough to pull me in, but the subtle harmony just makes it feel that much more comforting. You probably won’t hear this on the radio, but my goodness it is such a treasure. Enjoy this one with a cup of something warm, surrounded by those you love.

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