Three unique new country tunes to get you going

Brit Taylor – “Broken Heart Breaks”
-It’s unbelievable how a good timeless country sound can cut through the noise. This track was co-written by Brit Taylor, Dan Auerbach, and Joe Allen. The country and folk bona fides drop through on this one. I love how the electric guitar sings like a harmony vocal while Taylor’s lead makes you feel like you’re sitting in a vintage honkytonk. If you’ve ever had your heart broken by someone, you’ll feel the soulful sincerity of this one. It’s an instant classic for me.

Colton Venner – “You can’t do enough”
-There’s a grammatical turn to this song that is both clever and poignant. You can’t do enough — yeah, you — the object of the singer’s affection can’t out run his love. There’s an intimate air to this track that feels really good. It reminds me of the feeling I had when I first heard David Ramirez’s iconic track, “Shoeboxes.” Venner has tapped into the art of the countrified piano ballad that speaks a loving truth. I am so glad to have found Venner and this track is a prime example of why.

SloCoast – “You can’t hide”
-There’s a nice banjo at the core of this track that puts a smile on my face with every listen. The vocal blending here is classic bluegrass, which I always enjoy. There’s a sincere, honest approach in the lyrics that I appreciate as well. The whole production feels like it takes the best of classic country genres and blends them together; it’s a sound that would have resonated with listeners 80 years ago as well as it does today.

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