Three neoclassical pieces to set the autumn mood

Frederik Flach – “Waiting for May”
-As the autumn chill falls on my fingers typing this, I can’t help but feel like May is very far away. It’s off in the distance, when the leaves that are now on the ground are back in bloom. Flach’s contemplative style leaves room for imagination, which I adore. There’s space here to feel something presently beautiful while having the hope of what is to come. As someone who has celebrated graduations and anniversaries in May, I totally connect with this hopeful spirit. This is a gem.

Fougere – “Movement”
-There’s a beautiful contemplative style to this piece. I find that the rolling melody style awakens me. It’s a thoughtful and engaging kind of piano composition. As the track develops, there are additional layers of depth to the sound. I particularly enjoy how the lower bass notes come through to create a full, evocative sound. It is cinematic in many ways, yet feels organically rooted in the piano. It’s captivating.

Juan Marie Solare – “Satie: Gynopedie No. 1”
-This is the kind of neoclassical piece that reminds me more of traditional classical than anything else. That said, the phrasing is really intriguing. I appreciate how the melody continues different variations, making it so the listener doesn’t know quite what will come next. It’s a beautifully unpredictable piece, requiring an engaged listener.

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