Three folksy singer songwriters you need in your life

MBG – “Tell me”
-This song breaks my heart. It’s that simple. I feel what this artist is feeling. The beauty of the guitar juxtaposes itself with the pain of the lyrics so well. The crooning humming after the first verse just… hits me. I am so glad that MBG wrote this piece because it helps me feel connected and more human. It’s hard to move on from a relationship, but sometimes it has to be done. This is not a stylistic blues song, but it reverberates the sensibilities of the blues with beautiful clarity.

Coury Stone – “Maybe I was wrong” ft Angel Snow
-This is an exquisitely produced piece of genre-bending, mostly folk music. The energy of the melody is ridiculously satisfying, but the expressive vocal harmonies are what keep me coming back for more. In a world with so much cookie cutter folk music, it’s nice to hear something so artful. The lyrics are contemplative and the big time production is absolutely inspiring. I will be putting this one on a few personal playlists, for sure.

Burris – “Who I’m thinking of”
-There’s a poetic energy to this track that I really appreciate. The atmospheric guitars set a mood and the lyric-driven melody fills in the middle of the composition. When you gently close your eyes to focus on the chorus, the delicate higher harmony makes the lead pop even more. It’s an intricately balanced piece of modern folk music that’s sure to find a lot of supporters here at ETTG. This is the kind of music we love… and we love to support.

Image courtesy: MBG on IG

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