Three chilled out indie pop tracks

Alice Bloom – “Moon River” ft Alec Gaston
-When I first clicked play on this track I was immediately blown away. Of course “Moon River” is an iconic pop song in the US. It’s really hard to imagine a version like this until you hear it. The downtempo beat sets an absolute MOOD. The horn work is captivating in its own way, also. I am really glad I discovered this one; it’s delightful in every way.

Mark Ferg – “Planet Earth is a ghetto”
-The first thing I did after finding this song was share it with a bunch of friends. It’s just got a whole mood to it and we are HERE for this. The groove hits really nice, of course, but also the lyrics are FIRE. The vocal mood on this track is just right. We are tired of being lied to as well. If you are cool with this track, then we’re family. That’s the truth. I dig this one a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL.

Nine Year Sister – “97”
-If you have a sister or you are a sister, this song will resonate deeply. The high harmonies are absolutely stunning on this track. I appreciate the 80s harmonic energy with lyrics referring to the nostalgia of the 90s. The overall production is really intriguing and will have you leaning in to pay closer attention. It’s definitely a unique, energizing texture in indie pop music.

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