Three new folk tunes that are full of life and spark

Jacy James Anderson – “Just ain’t home”
-Well there are a lot of songs called “Home” in the folk tradition, so it’s really interesting to have a kind of “anti-home” track here. Anderson brings a nice classic folk energy with a quality lead vocal. One of my favorite parts is the guitar break, which has all the right twang and energy. Something about this track reminds me of the grittiness of Water Liars. It’s a creative energy that fits the current moment.

bonbonfire – “Wandering a grocery store”
-This is not the love song you expected, but it’s one that you need. It’s workaday. It’s everyday. It’s believable and sweet in all the right ways. There’s a beautiful, engaging harmony that really wins my heart. This is what folk music can and should be in our lives; it’s a breath of fresh air and a hopeful dream of love that functions and unites.

Calvin Rezen – “Probably”
-There are layers to this track that you won’t hear with one spin, so I’ll tell you right now that you will want to listen to it over and over. The lead vocal feels like someone I grew up with; it feels like everyone I grew up with. The accessible writing style and approachable production is delightfully comforting. Even the complex layers come across like it’s easy to enter into as a listener. The lyrics are plaintive and lovely. The experimental production will surprise you in all the quaint, sparkly ways you can’t quite explain… but you’ll feel it.

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