Three engaging new singer songwriters for your midweek

Emily Brimlow – “Misfits”
-There’s a fun funky beat to this track. It’s got an island vibe, I guess you’d call it. Fans of Jack Johnson and similar artists will enjoy this track from Emily Brimlow. The production is outstanding, making for an easy groove and a singable melody. Brimlow’s vocals are stellar, pulling the listener in easily. It’s a “sing in the car” track… although it’s catchy enough you’ll be singing it everywhere in no time.

Anthony da Costa and Madison Cunningham – “Send my regards”
-This track has a classic energy that I adore. The easy going classic guitar work on this puts me in mind of pop music back in the 60s. The plaintive simplicity of the lyrics will make you think of simpler, sweeter times. I really appreciate the gentle intimacy of the vocal style on this one. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more tender, captivating love song in 2020.

Kris Orlowski – “This land is your land” (Woody Guthrie cover)
-The dark, minor key for this song is absolutely perfect for our historical moment. Imagine writing this arrangement in a year where California is literally burning. Imagine being able to channel the soul of Woody Guthrie with such grace and beauty. Kris Orlowski is a gem of a songwriter in his own right, but this soulful folk cover of an iconic American protest song. We can only hope this cover kills fascists… or at least helps to reverse their horrifying destructive policies. May grace and truth win the day.

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