Featured Single: Adam Melchor’s “Last Song on Earth” is a song of the year candidate

Adam Melchor and Emily Warren – “Last song on earth”
-I can guarantee Adam Melchor’s song “Last song on earth” will be on my end of year list, it’s just a matter of how high. This is a remarkable piece of music with glorious folk duo harmonies and an engaging acoustic guitar base. The best part, though, are the incredibly meaningful lyrics. Melchor explores a theme of life in a tumultuos time. There are some highly quotable lines here, but I’d prefer you just listen and pay attention. It’s time – Melchor argues – that it’s time for us to wake up and do the right thing collectively. I’m on board, Mr Melchor. Thank you for your bright inspiration. Fans of Rusty Clanton, Dodie Clarke, and similar thoughtful singer songwriters will love this one.

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