Three indie folk tunes to help with those chill vibes

Alice Ray – “Lost in the dark”
-This vocal… oh. my. word. Add in a dash of vintage organ and a nice timeless swing beat… this is a beautiful track. What I love about it – I mean other than the vocal and the organ – is that it just feels like a song infused with sincerity and hope. I will try to avoid a national metaphor about darkness (oops?), but the lyric “let’s wait for a moment” feels very poignant to me. The hopeful crescendo from the lead vocal with the backing vocals adding this collective, harmonic, sense of “it’ll be okay”… I just love this.

Elias and the Wizzkids – “Can you hear the water?”
-There’s a whimsy missing from so much folk music these days, so it’s really nice to find this truly charming track from Elias and the Wizzkids. It’s got the kind of harmonies and hopefulness that I first fell in love with Good Old War. If you’re a fan of that kind of quality vocal harmonies and poetic, esoteric lyricism… you will love this track. I am already a fan and looking forward to more of this beautifully talented band.

Hazel Marie – “Sailors and Tulips”
-The acoustic guitar and vocal at the center of this track are the essence. The atmospheric work in the background does create a unique sound that makes it feel a bit more cinematic. But make not mistake the ethos of the track comes from the expressive solo vocal voice here. I’d love to know more about this talented songwriter. The song is good on its own but there’s a ton of promise for this emerging songwriter. Hazel Marie are you out there? Tell us more about you!

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