Three brand new indie folk tunes for your consideration

Will Killen – “Bags at your feet”
-This track begins with a solid acoustic guitar style, but I’ll tell you there’s a lot more to this song than “just another” acoustic piece. The atmospheric energy on the chorus is really fascinating. The emotional lyrics, though, are what make it truly stand out. The song does a great job of making it specific enough to be relatable, but vague enough that many of us can connect. If you’ve ever been in a contentious point in a relationship, this track will pierce your soul; it’s worth it.

Canyon City – “Like the stars shine”
-The other night I listened to this song while making my way through our YouTube subscription feed. It was so good. At first I thought, “oh another peaceful Canyon City track” and by the end there were tears welling up in my eyes. Something about the hopefulness here really spoke to me. It’s about how love brings light into the dark places and… let’s be honest… who doesn’t need this kind of message right now?

Nick LaBella – “California”
-This is a driving song and it’s really wonderful. I appreciate the gentle interplay of the acoustic guitar and the steel guitar. The textures on the periphery of the vocal do as much to make the song stick out as the melody itself. I appreciate the bright energy of the track. It kind of puts me in mind of someone like Rayland Baxter, preserving a sort of alt country and folk ethos with the willingness to speak the truth no matter what. It’s my kind of music.

Image credit: Nick LaBella IG

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