Three indie pop tunes that will put a spring in your step this fall

Joel Ansett – “Ease”
-It’s been a minute since we covered Joel Ansett, but if you click play on this track you’ll quickly see why he’s a welcome return on the site. The quality of production here is outrageously good. Ansett’s vocal sits perfectly in the mix with a chill beat behind it and a captivating acoustic line. It’s more “pop” than what we typically cover, but Ansett makes it all feel quite comfortable. Throw this on your vibe out playlist and love it every spin; it’s got something special I’m telling you.

TENTS – “Laser beam light”
-I appreciate the chill energy of this track. This is truly a mashup of genre conventions that work together to create something unique. The expressive vocal stands out for sure. The synth work creates an atmospheric mood, but it’s the percussion in the low end of the track that is the glue holding it all together. It’s definitely more of a chill in the background track for me, but I dig it for sure.

Radio Valley – “Should’ve been you”
-There’s a solid unison vocal that is the heartbeat of this track. The two vocals work together to create a driving energy, laid over top of a driving pop beat. It’s the kind of song that will get stuck in people’s heads when they probably shouldn’t be thinking about that old flame. Just sayin’. Stop it. But also enjoy the song. It’ll make you move!

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