Three genre-blending indie pop style tracks for your weekend

Mason Daly – “October”
-I am sure that there will be some folks who hear this song and make comps to bands like Taking Back Sunday or Dashboard Confessional, but I think Mason Daly deserves to stand alone. There’s a richness in the acoustic mix on this track that really pulls me in. The reflective, emotional lyrical style is rewarding for listeners even much older than the artist. It’s a timeless string-based sound with orchestral strings to add depth. It’s an admirable feat… and the soaring vocal on the bridge is inspirational.

Carter Vail – “Love-15”
-I don’t always write about disco, but when I do it’s because it’s so good it’s a groove. It’s a GROOVE, friends. This track slaps. Every single part of this track slaps. The groove, the vocal, the clever lyrics, and by goodness gracious the organ/keys. I don’t know whether to put on roller skates, watch Saturday Night Fever, or bust a move. The answer is yes. This song is so good, I grew a 70s mustache with one listen. (Individual results may vary.)

Lyrah – “Slow down”
-This… song… makes me feel something I didn’t know I was feeling. Dizzy in a haze and wanting the world to slow down. Whew. Pandemic? Election? Raising young kids? Middle age in general? Yikes. I felt this song so deeply. I hate using the adjective “angellic” because it doesn’t even make sense (and is oddly gendered), but I keep thinking Lyrah’s vocal is angellic on this track. It’s inspiring, soaring, and beautiful. I appreciate the understated electro pop style of the track that allows the vocal and message to permeate far more than the production elements. I will be spinning this one for a long time.

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