Three amazingly talented acoustic singer songwriters

Darla Jade – “Forget you not”
-The piano energy of this track is really wonderful. It provides a gorgeous melodic basis for Jade’s incredible lead vocal. The expressive lyrical style about the difficulty of memory loss is really powerful. If you’ve ever loved someone who struggled with dementia and related memory loss, this song will hit you deeply. It’s beautiful yet so very sad.

Liv Harland – “Dancing in the sky”
-Here’s a beautiful song about heaven. It’s seemingly a track about someone who has moved on from this life while the songwriter reflects on that loss. The anthemic song structure makes a sad theme feel more uplifting. The focus shifts from the pain of loss on earth to the hope of someone who is in heaven. It’s really a remarkable song about faith and hope of the everlasting life. There’s a sweet energy to this one for sure.

Alivan Blu – “If it’s true”
-This is a captivating acoustic tune from Alivan Blu. The reflective energy is about slowing down to watch the world go by. In a hurried culture, it’s immensely important for us to follow this advice and just slow down. The quality of the lead vocal on this track is astounding. I could listen to this type of folk singer songwriter style all day long. Alivan Blu is one to watch for me, that’s for sure.

Photo credit: Liv Harland IG

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