Three unique takes on the “rock” genre

Caroline Culver – “I went out with a man”
-The message of this song is not one that the two male editors of this website can relate to personally, but we sure want to magnify Culver’s voice here. Basically, you should just shut up and listen. The rock energy has an edge, the lyrics cut deep, and the overall composition seems like a “moment” for contemporary rock music.

Often Home – “Trust me”
-A little dash of punk, a bit of pop rock, and a quality vocal at the center of the whole thing, this is my kind of rock music. Once the “ohhh” harmonies entered the track on first listen, I started typing my acceptance note. I really dig the crispy electric guitars in the mix that provide a basis for the lead vocal to really soar. Any time a pop rock tune can soar like this one does, I’m interested. The production is so full and satisfying; I will be putting this one on my personal rock lists.

Ethan Parker – “All we really have”
-The opening of this track is purposely subdued to get you to lean in and listen a bit more closely. I love the chromatic chord structure on the key lyrical question about only having one day to live. Once the synth enters the track and explodes the melody, there’s this hard question about how we live and why we do it this way. The shift back to a chilled out second verse works well. It’s nice to find a rock track with meaningful lyrics and the careful use of meaningful compositional dynamics. This track is absolutely perfect for a show soundtrack. Get on it, fam.

Photo credit: Ethan Parker IG

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