Three indie folk tunes that will remind you why you love the genre

Wax Owls – “Set it free”
-Since the early 2010s rise of hand-clap heavy folk music, we’ve been excited to feature this energetic style. Wax Owls definitely fit in that Lumineers and Mumford style of folk music and we’re happy to feature it. The way they recorded the vocal harmonies on this track just… works for me. It’s got this feel good energy. I also am a sucker for any anthemic songs about finding freedom and unleashing the shackles of ordinary life. Get out there and be who you were created to be! This song is… um… liberating.

Zac Pajak – “Southern Comfort”
-This track is right on the edge of “commercial” or even “pop folk” for me, but it definitely resonates with me. I like the lyrical play on words throughout the track and the powerful lead vocal. The way the song dips into pop sensibilities both lyrically and rhythmically makes it ripe for crossover. I’d be really interested to see the numbers on a song like this getting prime time pop airplay. I think it would do really well in markets like Atlanta and Nashville. Anyone want to give it a spin and let me know how it goes?

Spondifferous – “Old Pages”
-This song is not what you were expecting. I don’t know what a Spondifferous is or why the band has that name, but the composition definitely feels more conventional than I expected. The piano base of the track is warm and inviting. The vocal harmonies remind me of what I fell in love with when I first heard Penny and Sparrow. The introspective lyrical expressions work really well with the tender overall composition of the song. This one is definitely worth including in your folk duo playlists. It’s really well done.

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