Three indie pop tracks rooted in folk stylings

Fort Vine – “Say hello”
-There’s an energy to this track that I really appreciate. It’s got almost a vibration to it that puts a smile on my face. The chill energy here reflects the feel good folk of bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, yet carries with it a gilded polish more reminiscent of contemporary pop. I think the blending of styles, especially with the vocal core of the track, really cultivates some unique musical ground.

Sam Costigan – “Through the growing”
-From the start of this track, I thought of it as a typical acoustic folk guitar tune. But the more I listened, I could feel a rising pop energy in the sound that moves out of a familiar older genre into something truly invigorating. Costigan’s sincere lyrical questions about how to live our lives will really make you think. I appreciate this song for easy listening as well as time for careful meditation. Throw it on your coffee shop playlist and enjoy it every time around.

Tina Boonstra – “Talk it over”
-The upbeat kickdrum on this one feels very pop! The quality of Boonstra’s vocal is really impressive. The combination of a driving pop rhythm and sing-a-long vocal style makes for a HIT in my book. If you are putting together a dance or run playlist, definitely consider Boonstra’s new track. It’s such a feel good style and encourages us to mend the broken fences in our lives. I dig it for sure.

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