Three indie folk tracks for your late summer

Harpers – “Shine on me again”
-The balance in the opening of this song is really appealing. The organ lays a base that feels authentic and moving. The vocal does a good job of nestling into the sound without being overbearing. This style reminds me of something that would have come out in the late 60s with Jackson Browne or Graham Parsons. It’s definitely got a patina to it in the best way possible.

Jacob Jeffries – “Punchline”
-This track does a great job of putting the vocal first and foremost. There’s a poetic lyrical quality here. It starts off feeling like more of a classic folk style, but it evolves into more of a modern folk composition. We’re good with it, honestly. I love the defining lyric, “are we living in a lie, missing the punchline of the joke?” I’m not sure if this was written about 2020 or if it was about a more specific situation. It’s definitely something that vibes with me stylistically and lyrically makes me smile.

Harrison Storm – “Sea and Fire”
-We’ve been featuring Harrison Storm’s contemporary folk style for a while now. I was pleased to get this new submission. There’s a certain cathartic energy to the polished kind of folk Storm produces. It’s not only melodically sound, but it has these lush backing elements that do just enough to support the song without overshadowing the lead vocal. It’s a really engaging sound that would be right at home on your chill/work playlist for sure.

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