Three remarkable folk tunes to improve your week

The Paper Kites – “For all you give” (ft. Lucy Rose)
-We cover a lot of folk duos around here, so it’s really something when one stands out like this. It’s a beautiful, thoughtful, engaging style. The peaceful delivery of each vocal line works really well. The overall composition makes me want to ease back into my chair and just relax. The balance between the vocals and the acoustic guitar is just divine.

Ben See – “Bright morning star”
-This song is really impressive. I like everything from the honest aesthetic to the chirping of the birds in the background. There’s something “Old World” about the ancient-feeling sound to the vocal. There’s a near-gospel sincerity in the lyrical content, which I genuinely appreciate. It’s really hard to write something like this that doesn’t feel cheesy or derivative, but Ben See does this really authentically. It’ll make you take pause and feel something deep and meaningful.

Colton Venner – “Where it’s blue”
-If you’re looking for folk music along the lines of Jason Isbell and David Ramirez, give this one a spin. “They say time heals, but how long does it take?” What a great line. I really appreciate the poetic lines and quality Americana style production. In fact, the more I listen to this song the more I can feel the genuine heartbreak. It’s a really good song that captures the spirit of what used to be called “country” music.

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