Three neoclassical pieces to set a peaceful mood

Val Giamo – “Jade”
-This piece has a lovely jazz core to it. You might not hear it on first listen, but some of the chord developments feel like early jazz to me. The easy articulation on the piano makes for a very peaceful sound. Add this one to your wine and dine playlist; you won’t be disappointed.

James Hawken – “Pause for Thought”
-There’s a familiar phrasing to this piece that makes me smile. I don’t know what song it reminds me of, per se, but I do really enjoy it. Each line develops nicely into another. Something about it reminds me of my childhood, sort of a peaceful “small town” energy that I really adore. I’d love to know what others think of this peaceful piece that connects so well for me.

Eugene Goh – “Dandelion”
-There’s a magnetism to this track that I wasn’t expecting when I first pressed play. It’s almost a vibrance, perhaps like the bright yellow of a dandelion in a field of green. I really appreciate how the melody lines build on one another in chromatic fashion. It’s got a cinematic and inspiring style to it that I’m happy to support. Put this on your walking or reading playlist to get a little bit of extra boost to your day.

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