Summer 2020 Singer Songwriter Virtual Festival – Part 8

Emma Halpin – “Cupid”
-Stop reading and listen.
-Okay now you are allowed to read again. Fans of Dodie Clark and Tessa Violet can have a brand new artist to love in Emma Halpin. From the first time I heard this song my mouth actually hung open in disbelief. These lines absolutely roll together with poetic beauty and charm. How does this brilliant songwriter know exactly some of the feelings I’ve had in my own life? This is absolutely next level songwriting because it is so crisp, so beautifully written with an accessible message, and on top of it all is an incredible vocal. I’m shortlisting this one for a song of the year. Look for more on this one in December.

BYRNE – “Symphony”
-This track really surprised me as it unfolded. It starts off with a clear acoustic folk element telling a story about romance that works well, but once the “dancing off the earth tonight” chorus begins… WOW! “This is our symphony.” Oh my goodness. Look, friends, I’m no expert on romance but I don’t think this song is entirely about *dancing*. It’s super powerful and you should definitely share it with the person who gives you butterflies in the pit of your stomach. Have a nice “dance.” 🙂

Lily Ward – “Winter Coat”
-I like the energy of the acoustic guitar and vocal on this track. The vocal is so well delivered. The phrasing fits so well. It’s clear that each line was carefully penned on this one. For some reason, this writing style and composition reminds me of Stu Larsen, who we have covered several times. There’s a songwriting maturity here that really stands out in a crowded folk singer songwriter scene. Very impressive!

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