Summer 2020 Singer Songwriter Virtual Festival – Part 7

Ivory Lane – “December”
-I can’t get enough of Ivory Lane’s vocal quality. In the indie music world there are a wide range of voices, but Ivory Lane might be one of the best. I think the easy comp here is someone like Adele, even though Ivory Lane certainly deserves to stand on her own. There’s an inspirational “powerful female” ethos to this track and I definitely respect that. I’ll shut up and let you listen; this is a good one.

Brendan James – “Day by Day”
-I appreciate the optimistic energy of this track. It’s about enduring difficulty by simply taking life a day at a time. I think anyone who accomplishes something great will tell you they did it a day at a time. Obsessing over the overwhelming and overarching view will get you nowhere. I appreciate the peaceful, calming wisdom that comes from Brendan James’s voice, reminding me of another James… Taylor.

Mared – “If I’d known”
-There’s a comforting style to this track. The piano does a nice job of providing a relaxing base to the beautiful lead vocal. The combination is really outstanding. I find myself drawn into the phrasing and the message. Hindsight is definitely 2020, although after this year I might never use that expression again. Mared’s plainspoken wisdom is worth your time and attention.

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