Three new indie rock tunes for music lovers

Nite Tides – “Forever Baby”
-There’s a nice atmospheric quality to this tune that puts a smile on my face every time. I guess it’s a mid-60s surf rock vibe that flavors the track so richly. I really appreciate the Beach Boys style vocals on this one. The only recent artist I’ve heard doing anything like this is Jeremy Messersmith, and I loved his most recent album. Nite Tides are creating a delightful sound I don’t hear enough in music today. I’ll be putting this one on my personal steady rotation.

The Breaks Inc – “Everybody loves you”
-The harmonies on this track are really engaging. I appreciate the way the track rises from the opening into the chorus. I’m kind of a sucker for these lush rock styles, so it’s nice to find this one from The Breaks Inc. It’s the kind of rock that makes me want to sing along. There are certainly shades of mid-60s Laurel Canyon rock like the Mamas and the Papas and later the Eagles. I dig this one a lot.

Divers – “Old friend”
-There are several different elements that go into what gives Divers their distinctive sound. First, it’s a unique lead vocal that is a bit raspy but mostly gritty and engaging. There’s also some type of ambient keyboard work (synth?) and an experimental vibe over the whole thing. If you’re looking for straight rock, you won’t find it here. That said… the unconventional energy is going to be a great fit for a lot of fans looking for something that stands out.

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