Three Americana tracks to get your toes tapping

Jeremy and the Harlequins – “Fury”
-There’s a throwback rock energy here that I really appreciate. The Americana guitar style works from start to finish. The up tempo energy is tried and true rock n’ roll. I appreciate the blending of the sacred and the secular in the lyrics. That’s a big theme for us here at ETTG, so we’re happy to support this raucous, anthemic Americana jam.

Mamadear – “Hold on”
-The harmonies on this track are absolutely stunning. When I first clicked on this track I was impressed with the tenderness in the vocals. But when you listen to these lyrics, they actually hit very hard in a convicting sort of way. It’s a delicate “get your act together” message that connects. If you’ve ever been lost at a proverbial sea and had a woman (mother, lover, or friend) pull you back in… this song will make you feel something deep down.

Nan Macmillan – “Walk the dog”
-This song is piercing in its authenticity and depth. I really appreciate the quality in Macmillan’s vocal style and consistent tone. The organ work in the background creates a warmth that puts the song clearly in the Americana category with an air of sophistication. The lyrics are about doing what you need to do even when life feels overwhelming. I adore the composition and quality vocal. This is a gem.

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