Three peaceful neoclassical pieces for your midweek

Dario Lessing – “Klarheit”
-I don’t know the exact message of this song, but what I feel is something thought provoking. This is the kind of neoclassical writing that makes me want to journal or read. It’s got a meditative calm about it from start to finish. The melody line doesn’t repeat too much, allowing your mind to ease into the direction. It just clicks for me.

Rob Murdock – “The Cottage”
-From the first time I heard this piece, I was reminded of soundtracks on PBS documentaries. You know the ones with relaxing piano work that fades and a deep, informative voice tells you about something that happened 200 years ago? Anyways, I’m sure Murdock had something else in mind. It’s certainly a piece befitting of nostalgia and warm memories. Does it make you think of someone or some place in particular? Share it with the artist.

Jan Ove Fjeld – “Sky Divine”
-I really like the way this recording makes the piano resonate so well. I wonder if it was recorded in a big open space because it has a nice ringing sound like that. I also really enjoy the way the melody line seems to roll from idea to idea. I find an energy in this sort of writing that makes me want to think, dream, and write. It feels spiritual, honestly.

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