Three rock tracks to kick you right in the drums!

Wait of the World – “Bite my tongue”
-There’s probably a technical term for the type of rock that Wait of the World create, but what I call it is KILLER. The energy is intense. There’s some 80s atmospheric energy, some 90s alt rock edge, and a modern polish on the whole thing. I appreciate that the common thread of aggression knits together a song that is, ironically, about holding back aggression. This is a quality rock song for people looking for emerging rock acts with depth in writing both musically and lyrically.

Shotski – “Towhead”
-There’s a west coast cool to this track that I really like. It’s got a snappy core to it that makes me bob and weave while I listen to it. The cool tones on the electric guitars are balanced perfectly with the effect on the high register vocal style. It’s hard to explain to people what it means for a song to just “click,” but this one does for me. It’s so clean and goes down smooth. I could watch the sun go down with this jam playing, for sure.

Colorado Straightedge – “Apple Pie (Remastered)”
-The first thing I did when I started writing about this track was share it with a friend of mine who is a producer. I know he’ll like it. The mix on this track is really outstanding. There’s a wholesome yet still powerful quality to this song. I can’t come up with a specific band to compare, but the mood of the track reminded me of the early 2000s. There’s a kind of alt rock and pop punk blend that resonates deeply for me on this one.

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