Summer 2020 Singer Songwriter Virtual Festival – Part 2

Missy Bauman – “Infinite Everything”
-This is a breathtakingly beautiful song. The acoustic guitar won my heart right away, then Bauman’s singing was also amazing. The lyrics… are just icing on the cake and they are some incredibly sweet icing. This is one of those rich songs that will have you wanting to listen over and over; you’ll pick up something new with each listen. It reminds me of some of the classic singer songwriters like Kris Kristofferson and John Prine. I’m putting Missy Bauman on my shortlist of songwriters to watch because this is an outstanding song.

Sylvie and American Humour – “Crofton Road”
-There’s a gentle intimacy to this track that is undeniably present. There’s a poetic sense to the writing, of course, but Sylvie’s vocal delivery on this track is absolutely outstanding. There’s an unsettling detail in the way the lower vocal enters the track while Sylvie croons her intimate lines. It’s not like anything you’ve ever heard before and that’s exactly why you need to lean into this one.

Davis John Patton – “I’m not an island when I’m alone”
-The narrative singer songwriter style of this track is solid from the start. Patton commands the track with his clear vocal and incisive melody. Even though the message seems to be about a specific person (or people), the spirit of independence here is quite inspiring. It’s definitely a track to throw on your inspirational or coffeeshop playlist.

Image credit: Missy Bauman IG

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