Three fabulous rising star singer songwriters

Zleep – “My love”
-If you’re looking for a relaxing folk tune, definitely give this one a spin. There’s an intimacy in the vocal harmonies that won me from first listen. Something about the slowed down two step and the electric guitar kind of reminds me of the 60s. The combination of these different elements makes for a comfortable, relaxing, peaceful composition.

Adam Randall – “High”
-The relaxed acoustic guitar work here takes center stage, while the atmospheric background work gives the composition depth. This reminds me of looking at a good photograph, where there is an evident subject but the background beckons interest as well. Randall’s distinctive voice draws in the attention of the listener, while the textures in the guitar and other elements fill in the “rest of the story.” This is peaceful, calming, yet fascinating and engaging. I appreciate this one a lot.

Daimy Lotus – “OK that it’s not OK”
-If you’re looking for a pop singer songwriter, you can’t do much better that Daimy Lotus right now. The clarity on Lotus’s lead vocal is evident from the start. As the vocal harmonies enter the track, there’s a powerful dynamic that emerges. This is a track that feels like it’s going to really “take off” throughout the first half, then the “never forget” chorus absolutely soars. If you can look back on a past relationship and be glad that you’re no longer in that place… this song will resonate with you. Lotus is one to watch, for sure!

Image credit: Daimy Lotus IG

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