Three brand new tracks in the “classic rock” genre

The Gus Glynn Band – “Old songs”
-Something about the lead vocal on this song reminds me of George Harrison. The spirit of this track seems like something old George would have appreciated as well. There’s a nice texture to the electric guitar here and a driving, throwback blues energy. The message of the track’s focus on old songs that inspire us… well, that’s true for any fan of classic rock! This is an old rock jam for old rock heads. Gotta love it!

The Altogether – “On Decatur Street”
-When I first saw this track listed as “folk” and “classic rock” I didn’t understand how they’d pull it off. After about a minute into the track I thought “well, this is folk and classic rock!” I dig it. The vocal harmonies are outstanding. I’m more a fan of the traditional elements than the experimental ending, but the harmonies were enough to earn the track a spot on the list here. Give em a spin!

The Slim Kings – “Raw”
-I have to be honest that finding good new soul music is one of the challenges of running our site. This track from the Slim Kings made the decision super easy for us! It’s easy going, chill, and definitely has the right kind of swing we want to be supporting. The soaring vocal on the chorus, completely with some bright and engaging horns, makes for an instant classic tune! It’s a sound that you probably thought ended in the 70s yet here we are with a brand new track with this style. This one makes me make my “soul face” while I dance in my chair. You know the one… 🙂

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