Three engaging new Americana songs

Brock Mattsson – “Are you thinking of me?”
-If you’re a fan of old school country, you know the kind — the smoke-filled tavern style country music — then you’ll love Brock Mattsson’s latest tune. It’s a love song to the ultimate degree. It’ll have you thinking back to the golden years of folks like George Jones and Tammy Wynette. It’s a heartbreak song that will put you in a mood for… a beverage. If you’ve ever had your heart broken, this one’ll move you.

The Burney Sisters – “Unbearable”
-The quality on this song is unbelievable. The vocal is intricate and moving, the harmonies are stunning, and the overall composition clearly stands out in a crowded Americana scene. What struck me from first listen was the “chamber folk” style violin work on this. It’s gorgeous and sophisticated. This is definitely not your average Americana… and I mean that as a high compliment. Give this one a spin, for sure.

CF Watkins – “Frances”
-There’s nothing I can say to help you be ready for this beautiful song. CF Watkins writes with a plaintive sincerity that is sure to offer some conviction to every listener. The bending melodic lines easily introduce the listener to the next engaging phrase. The calming electric guitar provides a delightful base for the engaging lead vocal. This is so good. I wish I had better words, but it’s so good.

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