Three peaceful folk songs to set your week straight

Mona Lisa Tribe – “What else (is a man supposed to do)?”
*Trigger warning: Sexual assault.
-This track is gorgeous even while being about an ugly subject. It’s raising awareness to men who claim to have “control” but then do not honor the desires of their supposed “lover.” It’s beautifully written with an important message. If you’re looking for gorgeous harmonies and a message that might be hard to express to others, this is great. As a man, I’ll shut up and let these ladies speak. Please listen.

Wren – “Come back river”
-If you love acoustic singer songwriters (then you’re on the right site!), you will absolutely fall for Wren. The gorgeous strumming is repetitive in a beautifully hypnotic way, allowing your ears (and heart) to focus on Wren’s poetic lyric work. I love the sparing yet still rich production on this track. I could listen to this kind of artsy, naturistic folk music all the livelong day.

Izzy Heltai – “The stranger you’ve become”
-There are elements of this song that feel like a throwback Americana tune and elements that make it feel like modern folk. The lead vocal is really good, taking the center space of the sound overall. As the different elements collect into the composition, I can’t help but feel a relaxing energy. It feels like something that could have come out of Nashville’s alt scene some time in the past decade. It’s a good one for fans of organic alt country.

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